secures further funding of €1,5M

by 2, Jan, 2022Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments, the Finnish maritime technology company has raised 1,5M euro from Counterview Capital, Lifeline Ventures and Tesi(Finnish Industry Investment) to further increase product development, as well as sales and marketing activities.

Seaber is dedicated to reducing  the environmental impact, inefficiencies, and costs of bulk and break bulk shipping. Seaber’s cloud-based schedule planning, optimisation and communication solution helps charterers & shipowners to reduce emissions by improving asset utilisation.

“We are excited about Seaber’s mission to digitally transform the $400 billion bulk shipping industry,“ says Brian Rubenstein, Partner at Counterview Capital. “Many of the key operational processes of bulk and breakbulk charterers, shipowners, and brokers are highly inefficient. Most of the players in this massive industry are still planning their logistics with Excel spreadsheets. Seaber’s planning and communication platform is just the first step towards optimizing global fleet utilization, cargo flows, scheduling, and route configuration which can vastly improve efficiency and reduce costs across the entire industry. It’s that vision, combined with deep expertise and understanding of the maritime space, that separated Sebastian and his team from all of the other companies that we’ve looked at in the market.”

Aligned with its green values, Seaber takes part in the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization. For the world to fully decarbonize by 2050 shipping must decarbonize. The call to action, also known as Getting to Zero, has industry actors calling on world leaders to work together to deliver the right enabling environment to achieve this goal.

“Lifeline Ventures invest in ambitious and determined teams that can one day become industry leaders. We at Lifeline see this potential in Seaber: their ability to improve the planning and communication of shipping companies and charterers – reducing the carbon footprint of maritime industry and significantly cutting down CO2 emissions.”  says Lifeline’s Partner Kai Backman.”

Seaber’s founders have been working on Seaber since late 2017 and have been growing the team over the last four years.  “Our vision is to be there at the front line supporting shipping towards a new phase where technology can be utilised to benefit everyone”, says Sebastian Sjöberg, founder and CEO of “During the past year we have developed our product jointly with customers who already achieve significant savings by using Seaber. We are thrilled by the shipping industry’s excitement to work with us on our mission to decarbonize shipping”, continues Sebastian.

January 2022