Fjord1 signs fleet agreement with VesselMan

by 4, Nov, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Fjord1 has signed a fleet agreement with VesselMan to improve project planning and execution of technical projects.

VesselMan turns manual processes into a digital format, facilitating the collection of all phases of a project in one place. VesselMan provides the vessel manager with a comprehensive overview of all planned yard activities, helping the manager to schedule activities. The vessel manager can also delegate tasks to the right resources as well as document the progress throughout the project.

Today, more than 30 per cent of Fjord1’s fleet is electrified and therefore have strict requirements for regularity.

Head of technical support operation manager in Fjord1, Geir Hillersøy says that by using VesselMan Fjord1 will ensure better planning and compliance with the company’s maintenance procedures by giving the users continuously guiding and support for all work to be done:

VesselMan’s solution will contribute to well-prepared planning and purchasing. It simplifies building the specification, benchmarking prices and quotations from the yards, and generating reports during- and after the repair period. VesselMan provides better control for the management, as well as each individual gets operational support in their daily work, says Hillersøy.

Lene Normann Olsen, sales executive at VesselMan says that Fjord1 is a right and important customer for VesselMan.

“It is exciting to work with such a forward leaning company as Fjord1, that puts sustainability and technology in focus. We are impressed by Fjord1’s ambitions when it comes to electrifying the fleet, and their ability to think new and challenge their own processes and routines throughout the organisation, from operation to management. This is unique for the industry.”