Cavotec introduces automated mooring subscription service

by 9, Jul, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Cavotec has launched MoorMaster-as-a-Service, a subscription-based automated mooring service and a new way for ports to access MoorMaster technology. 

MoorMaster is a vacuum mooring technology that has helped complete more than 800,000 moorings for many different vessel types, including the largest container ships. In 2020, Cavotec launched its next generation system, MoorMaster NxG, which is designed for easy integration into existing, operating terminals. The system is re-designed from the ground up to ensure faster installation and smarter operations, all in a sleeker design that fits even where there is limited space available on the quay.

Under the MoorMaster-as-a-Service contract, Cavotec customers can benefit from MoorMaster with zero upfront investment. Cavotec installs the hardware and covers all of the maintenance costs in a fully managed service. This makes it possible for ports to take full advantage of the new, improved operations with mooring in less than a minute, reduced environmental impact, and the elimination of hazardous mooring lines.

“We’re always pushing the boundaries at Cavotec. We have long recognised that one of the biggest obstacles to greater port automation is perceived complexity and upfront investment. Now, we’re eliminating that and providing a completely new business model, making automated mooring more accessible than ever to ports around the world,” said Mikael Norin, Cavotec CEO.

“We take care of all practicalities, including installation and maintenance, with multiple service levels to choose from. Ports will have a ‘set-and-forget’ subscription plan, with either flat or variable fees and guaranteed performance. We believe this model will be attractive to a wide range of terminals and contribute to a substantial increase in the adoption of automated mooring worldwide,” Norin added.

“This is the right time to launch MoorMaster as a Service. Due to our two decades of operational data, we can confidently offer performance guarantees. In addition, we are investing heavily to continuously improve our capabilities. We’re setting up a Service ‘Command Centre’ that will monitor and optimise existing and new MoorMaster systems around the clock.”