Gilese Foundation urges carriers to publish sustainability reports

by 2, Jul, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Maritime and climate change foundation, the Gilese Foundation, has reported that seven out of the twelve largest container carriers in the world have yet to release their sustainability reports.

The Foundation asks why companies cannot release their sustainability reports one or two months before the end of the year, as they do with annual reports and financial statements. The Foundation notes that with today’s environmental demands, sustainability reports are mandatory and suggests that environmental reporting is as urgent and relevant as financial reporting.

Due to the pandemic, the cruise industry has had almost zero operations during 2020, so a lack of sustainability reporting is expected. However, with container carriers, they are doing much better than previous years with vessels working at full capacity. The Foundation suggests the responsibility to produce these sustainability reports should be even more relevant.

Independent reviews from the Gilese Foundation on various lines’ environmental reporting can be found here

The 12 shipping companies who have published their sustainability reports this year. Image courtesy of the Gilese Foundation