Berge Bulk to retrofit Yara Marine scrubbers

by 29, Jun, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Yara Marine SOx Scrubber.

Dry bulk owner Berge Bulk has chosen to retrofit more in-line scrubbers from Yara Marine Technologies.

Yara Marine has already installed in-line scrubbers on about 30 of Berge Bulk’s carriers. This latest agreement will see the shipping company roll out the technology to more of its vessels to cut emissions and comply with regulatory requirements.

“Yara Marine shares our goal of reducing emissions. We take interest in how they have broadened their portfolio of green technologies, so we bring them along on our journey to zero carbon. We have had good experiences using Yara Marine for emissions reduction. They have already provided several of our vessels with efficient, safe, and reliable scrubbers. That is why we are very happy to announce the new deal and our continued commitment to reduce emissions at sea. Retrofitting in-line scrubbers on additional vessels will improve our fleet’s performance,” said Berge Bulk in a statement.

“Berge Bulk is one of our most important and long-standing customers, and it is a privilege to be working with a leading company that is making great strides and seizing opportunities for innovation through green technologies. We share Berge Bulk’s commitment to reducing emissions and look forward to providing our best expertise when equipping even more of their ships with our exhaust gas cleaning technology,” said Thomas Koniordos, CEO at Yara Marine.

Yara Marine is also providing long-term service and maintenance for all scrubbers on Berge Bulk’s carriers.