North Star Holdco implements SERTICA fleet management across 47 ships

by 11, Jun, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Logimatic has announced that North Star Holdco Group has decided to implement its SERTICA Fleet Management System to all 47 vessels in the fleet, including North Star Renewables and Boston Putford Offshore Safety.

North Star Holdco Group specialises in service operation vessels, offshore support, tanker assist and emergency response and rescue vessels.

North Star Renewables division has recently been awarded contracts to deliver three state-of-the-art service operation vessels (SOVs) to be used on what will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm, the 3.6GW Dogger Bank Wind Farm in the North Sea. These three new vessels will also run SERTICA, which will be integrated with the Digital Twin solution to assist with Preventive Maintenance.

Bruce Catto, Group IT manager at North Star Holdco Group said: “The system will integrate across all areas of the business, both offshore and onshore, streamlining processes and centralising information. SERTICA will help to digitalise our internal processes and speed up the approval flow throughout the organisation.”

David Coultas, group technical director commented: “We have chosen SERTICA because it has the market’s most stable platform with ship to shore and shore to ship replication that simply works.”

North Star Holdco Group has signed a contract to the entire SERTICA Fleet Management System, which comprises the delivery of Maintenance, Procurement and HSQE. They are currently operating 44 vessels, with 30 vessels converted to SERTICA earlier this year, 14 to be completed by the end of 2021 and 3 new SOV’s to be installed during 2022/23.