Mitsubishi Ore Transport crew completes remote sensor installation

by 20, May, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Matt Heider, CEO of Nautilus Labs

Crew onboard a Mitsubishi Ore Transport vessel have completed remote installation of sensors used to collect data and provide information on vessel performance.

Diamond Bulk Carriers, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Ore Transport, originally partnered with Nautilus Labs and Hoppe Marine to maximise vessel and voyage profits and reduce carbon footprint by acquiring greater access to vessel performance data provided by the Nautilus platform. Hoppe Marine was enlisted for instrumentation, installation services, and signal aggregation for the vessel owned by Mitsubishi Ore Transport. Hoppe transmits vessel data back to shore as part of the “Data Butler” program, with which Nautilus, as an interoperable solution, integrates via an API, to access the vessel’s sensor data.

However, due to global travel restrictions, the sensor installation could not be conducted by Hoppe’s team. The marine service provider guided Mitsubishi Ore Transport’s crew through a remote crew-led installation, allowing them to access a stream of high frequency sensor data used to inform Nautilus’s optimal operating recommendations powered by vessel-specific machine-learning based models.

Shusuke Miyazaki, general manager at Diamond Bulk Carriers, said: “Having a crew install sensors was the first time in our and Mitsubishi Ore Transport’s history. We’re excited to collect and receive our vessel’s data to optimise our vessel operations. Nautilus’s interoperability and the ability to integrate with any third-party provider or OEM made the deployment into Hoppe’s Data Butler easy and seamless, allowing our teams to access a single source of truth, fostering cross-departmental collaboration. Deploying Nautilus Platform is an important step for our business in achieving meaningful savings and reduced emissions.”

“We’re proud of our crew, installing the sensors in addition to their daily schedule. We’ve experienced a great partnership with Diamond Bulk Carriers, Nautilus, and Hoppe based on detailed and transparent communication. By using Nautilus Platform, we empower all stakeholders to access the same information to drive collaboration, transparency, and accountability while promoting greater sustainability,” said Fumiyuki Yasuda, marine management group technical team leader at Mitsubishi Ore Transport.

“Especially during these unprecedented times, we’ve seen that data and the insights it brings are key to success,” commented Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs. “By being an interoperable software and working with our partners to create creative solutions to overcome obstacles, such as travel restrictions when installing sensors, we enable shipowners and operators to access a predictive decision support tool that combines all different data sources and unifies all stakeholders. The crew-led install by Mitsubishi Ore Transport is a great example. We’re looking forward to working on meaningful voyage profit uplifts and increased sustainability with Diamond Bulk Carriers.”