Pollution monitoring solution launched

by 6, May, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Vessel pollution in the Red Sea captured by the ESA Sentinel-1 satellite. Image courtesy of CGG
A new pollution monitoring solution that combines remote sensing, Earth observation data, machine learning and high-performance computing, has been launched by CGG.

Known as SeaScope, the solution provides critical sea surface slick intelligence for a range of industries to strengthen situational awareness of the interaction between offshore assets, coastal facilities, local vessel activity and the natural marine environment.

For energy companies with offshore assets, SeaScope’s proactive monitoring enables the establishment of production water baselines and provides early detection of anomalous events and third-party pollution incidents, as well as surveillance of natural seeps. It also supports the creation of a growing evidence base of responsible operations for stakeholders such as operators, regulators, investors and insurers, and more.

The solution was developed with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) together with a group of energy companies and emergency response organisations. This process included a successful 12-month prototype demonstration across assets in the North Sea along with select producing regions of the Gulf of Mexico and South-East Asia. SeaScope is highly scalable and can deliver remote monitoring across global asset portfolios.

“SeaScope is the latest in our expanding portfolio of environmental monitoring solutions that are underpinned by our unique combination of geoscience and data science expertise and technology. With Seascope, CGG will help a range of offshore industries to mitigate risks, respond quickly to events and support their environmental and operational transparency measures, and related ESG commitments,” said Peter Whiting, SVP, Geoscience, EAME, CGG.