FuelOpt reaches 200-vessel milestone

by 8, Apr, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Swedish propulsion optimisation expert Lean Marine has announced that its automated propulsion technology FuelOpt has now been installed onboard 200 vessels.

Since introducing FuelOpt to the market in 2013, the automated propulsion optimisation technology has helped owners and operators to achieve real-time fuel savings, optimise control of speed and consumption, and reduce vessel emissions.

FuelOpt focuses on the parameters that matter the most for enhanced vessel efficiency: speed, fuel consumption, engine power or a combination thereof. It provides the crew full control of these parameters via an intuitive panel on the bridge.

Once activated, the system dynamically controls vessel propulsion based on the commands set, adapting the propulsive power to the changing environmental conditions. In this way, steady and predictable shaft power can be achieved, removing costly variations in speed and power caused by human operational factors and achieving real-time fuel savings and emissions reductions.

On vessels with a controllable pitch propeller, FuelOpt acts as a dynamic tuning system for propulsion machinery. The system regulates the propeller’s pitch and RPM separately to operate the engine and propeller at optimal conditions. In this way, the system produces the maximum amount of propeller thrust with the minimum amount of power, optimizing energy use.

“We are celebrating the 200th vessel contract for our FuelOpt system. This a clear confirmation of FuelOpt’s efficiency in saving fuel and reducing emissions. We are proud to have the trust of so many companies and crews when it comes to helping them achieve their green shipping goals while boosting their bottom line. We look forward to supporting even more vessels in the near future,” said Mikael Laurin, CEO at Lean Marine.

In late 2020, Lean Marine announced its participation in the Via Kaizen project, where FuelOpt has a key role. The project aims to accelerate the technological development, realization, and adoption of AI-powered ship operation support technology by ship crew and management. In this project, the FuelOpt system will create a direct interface between the crew, machinery, and the AI-based solution, empowering them to work together and execute the voyage.

FuelOpt is also compliant with the shaft power limitation requirements as suggested in the current Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) framework. By enabling ship operators to set an upper limit to shaft power output without any modification to existing machinery, it aligns operations with EEXI requirements. Additionally, the system can be overridden in an emergency, thereby enabling access to the engine’s full power.