Kyma joins Kongsberg Digital’s Kognifai Partner Program

by 18, Feb, 2021Innovation, Maritime 4.00 comments

Kongsberg Digital has announced that through the Kognifai Partner Program, Vessel Insight users will now gain access to Kyma’s specialised vessel monitoring applications. Data Analysis, an advanced tool to enable statistical modelling of ship performance data, will be the first of several Kyma applications to become available to Vessel Insight customers via Kognifai.

Previously offered exclusively to Kyma’s premium online customers, Data Analysis will now also be accessible as a standalone application in the Kognifai Marketplace. The application helps customers to gain insight into their power distribution, speed and fuel consumption, enabling them to reduce emissions. Kyma’s Charter Party and Notification applications are expected to follow shortly.

“Having Kyma AS join the Kognifai Partner Program means giving our customers access to sophisticated tools for overall vessel performance monitoring and evaluating fleet performance,” said Eirik Næsje, SVP Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital. “We are very happy to have Kyma AS join us, and know that this development will benefit customers looking to reduce emissions and increase cost-efficiency through Vessel Insight.”

For customers, the partnership will deliver immediate value, with KONGSBERG’s vessel-to cloud data infrastructure feeding high-frequency data seamlessly to Kyma’s applications. The Data Analysis application uses this data to generate reports as required, comparing it with available parameters and including graphical, numerical, and predicted values. This ability to establish relational comparisons and conduct statistical analysis of the variables available enables the user to take actions to optimise ship efficiency and improve vessel performance.

“We are pleased to extend our long cooperation with KONGSBERG and excited to join the Kognifai Partner Program to accelerate the pace of maritime digitalisation. This extended cooperation will increase the accessibility of Kyma’s solutions by offering parts of our well-proven performance optimisation software in the Kognifai Marketplace as standalone applications,” says Halldor Rongve, managing director at Kyma.


February 2021