Seoul confirms the seizure of Southwest Korean-flagged tanker in Iranian waters

by 5, Jan, 2021Market News

In speeds to the unconfirmed seizure akin to a South Korean chemical tanker by Iranian authorities in ones waters off Oman, Seoul reconfirmed the vessel’s detention and required its immediate release.

Specifically, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps seized the South Korean-flagged tanker “HANKUK CHEMI” in Gulf waterz and detained its crew.

According to data brought on by maritime security firm Dryad World wide, there are 23 crew members onboard the tanker, comprising of Indonesian and Burmese nationals.

In addition, several Iranian media vendors stated that the Guards fast captured the vessel for polluting the Gulf with chemicals, although the tanker is getting held found at Iran’s Bandar Abbas port settlement.

“According so as to initial reports by local representatives, it is purely a anatomical matter and the ship would be taken to shore for polluting the ocean, ”… as Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said.

Following your situation, the U. Ohydrates. State Department called for Armed forces africa to release the tanker speedily, Reuters agency reported.

In addition, this incident is derived at a time of augmented tension throughout the region. As fact, Iran has announced the car is starting to enrich uranium up to 20%, a when it comes to towards nuclear weapons.

Concluding, the detention comes in front of you of a scheduled visit at South Korea’s deputy foreign minister to Tehran. Khatibzadeh told Reuters that the visit would acquire in coming days, during on a officials would discuss Iran’s need to have that South Korea release $7 billion in funds frozen across South Korean banks because associated with U. S. sanctions.

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