Bon voyage 2020, Hello 2021: Fratzeskos Kontos, Prime Marine

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This time of the spring is always the best opportunity in order to consider lessons learned and place novel year’s resolutions for a young start. Our special column Industry Voices: ‘Goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ aims to provide an outline of this challenging year as well as set new targets for 2021 to move forward.

In this context, we have asked Mr. Frantzeskos D. Kontos, DPA at Prime Marine Command, to make an assessment involving 2020 from his perspective and even share his message for their all new year across the global community members. Among others, he highlights that industry’s main focus should be via the reduction of shipping ecological footprint and start considering essential safety and environmental targets as complications for improvement rather than trouble.

I ought to like shipping to learn from industry’s mistakes, recover after failures/ incidents and set meaningful and then achievable recovery plans.


SAFETY4SEA: Focusing on your environment of experience, what were the the important industry development(s) within 2020?

Frantzeskos Kontos : 2020 was your own year with plenty key changes & events. If we found you had to distinguish top three, I absolutely list the following:

  • The brand Environmental / Liveliness Efficiency Regulations that are frequently imposed or are under discussion (ETS, EEXI, CII).
  • The change of our working hard habits (due to pandemic). Teleworking, teleconferences, remote trainings and surveys / assessments have been placed in this working routines and is here to stay. The technology boost will further support ones own widespread use.
  • You see, the Sulphur Cap implementation from 01. 01. 2020 that although is complete with not overall disrupted the demand service capacity and the water flow of goods, has nevertheless inspired the flawless operation of a good number of Main Engines (liners and appui rings scuffing, over-lubrication, need regarding frequent inspections / overhauls even more. ).

S4S: Focusing on your area to expertise, what do you do think that will be the most significant challenge(s) for the industry in 2021?

Fr. K.: The results of MEPC 76 next July could define the details linked EEXI and CII implementation, then affecting vessels service power/speed along with industry’s environmental footprint for some of the years to come. The papers of Energy saving devices, choice fuels and high end antifouling paints shall be widely processed on the inside the aftermath of MEPC 76.


S4S: What would getting the 2021 resolutions for this company/organisation?

Fr. K.: Prime’s first priority in 2021 keeps on to increase enhance operations safety with reduce environmentally friendly footprint of wrecks and office operations. A every single is already in place to improve existing vessels efficiency, introduce opportunity fuels in Newbuildings and exist actively involved in industry’s ties dealing with decarbonisation and durability projects. The aim commonly to sequence completely embrace actions derived from ESG, deepening its implementation within the actual organization.


S4S: What secure your overall forecast for serving up industry in 2021 and everything that would you like to display and/or wish and/or ask various industry stakeholders?

Fr. K.: It is very uncertain returning to draw future perspectives, it had been pretty much proven within 2020. Our traditional focus should be on one of the reduction of shipping environmental presence, the compliance with the 2030/2050 emission targets while the thought shall remain zero carbon exhausts from industry’s activities.

New Year’s Resolution for our industry from Mister. Frantzeskos Kontos, Prime Navy


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