Later 2020, Hello 2021: Athena Kanellatou, MacGregor

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On this occasion of the year is really a good possibility to consider help learned and set new year’s resolutions for a new get started in. Our special column Industry Comments: ‘Goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ should provide an overview of this guidance challenging year and set advanced targets for 2021 to change forward.

In our setting, we have asked Mrs. Athena Kanellatou, Regional Director Mediterranean, Centre East & India, MacGregor, when making an assessment of 2020 of her perspective and share her very own message for the new seasons across the global community. For the others, she highlights that dispensing needs to cherish the outstanding practices of past and normally include the new as well as to enrich one particular human experience and wisdom for digital intelligence in a economical and collaborative manner.

I would like providing to give give full attention to Communication produce to shore and develop maritime trainings and skills relevant across today’s environment and capabilities.

SAFETY4SEA: Adjusting on your area of talent, what were the most meaningful industry development(s) within 2020?

Athena Kanellatou: Shipping Industry demonstrates exceptional resilience in a substantive escalating complexity. Whilst travel borne and local containment actions grenzwert opporutnity to be physically present, openness in collaboration and communication received from ship to shore have end up being increasingly step to effective maintenance wanting and maximising operational availability. Revealed technologies and digital solutions suffer from been adopted at a quicker pace to assist in remote surveys and inspections, onto line deals, webinars, training, every single interactions on shore and material.

At MacGregor, we each have seen an accelerated interest in, and uptake of, digitally-enabled expertise on remote technical support while advice to be provided by using combination with comprehensive locally-based guide. Converting our global extensive discover and knowledge into valuable compensations for the vessel and most of stakeholders, MacGregor OnWatch Scout logs onto installed equipment to advanced observation systems offering condition and predictive maintenance, guidance to the team, positive impact on safety, commercially produced and environmental performance. Technology is just here to support more potent, remote teams and operations aiding faster and better-informed decisions.


S4S: Focusing on your locale of expertise, what do choice that will be the frequent challenge(s) for the industry as 2021?

A. K.: Globally shipping faces increasing and suckly financial, technical and regulatory crisies. Safety, asset optimization, additional carrying out work efficiencies and sustainability are main themes for the maritime market place in 2021. The objective is probably safe, reliable vessel operations then regulatory compliance. To respond to customary concerns and new challenges on a holistic and responsible pick up, respect to good seamanship as tested practices while at the actual same time explore the long term of digitally enabled services, link up assets and turn data into your powerful insights for action.


S4S: What would be the very 2021 resolutions for your company/organisation?

Hacia. K.: MacGregor put on the legacy MacGregor and ancient TTS; with the passion toward make maritime material and lapsus flow safer, more sustainable and as a consequence more efficient, to expand their expertise within the offshore manually wind it energy environment, empower our multinational services network and extensive regular shopper support capabilities. We stand via our customers being at the several forefront and applying our total expertise therefore to their advantage. MacGregor assistance are enriched by digital let solutions like OnWatch scout, re-focusing on maximising the operational variety and performance, moving support taken from a reactive to proactive setting. We encourage trustful relationships, corp creation and collaboration in all of the industry, communication ship to shoreline, focused on safety and productivity.

S4S: Know what is your overall forecast when considering shipping industry in 2021 and exactly what would you like to write and/or wish and/or ask another industry stakeholders?

A. K.: Maritime industry has a strong the survival instinct and knows best exactly to thrive in harsh conditions for ages. The human actions is the central for the management associated with the ship, with resilience, strength training and familiarity with technological benefits to handle new challenges. Specifically is considered excellent today will will only be looked at as merely adequate future. There’s continual improvement loop, supplying back learnings and using development and innovation to drive rose value for all stakeholders.

New Year’s Resolution for our industry based in Mrs. Athena Kanellatou, MacGregor


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