Hasta la vista 2020, Hello 2021: Theo Xenakoudis, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry

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This time of a the year is always a huge good opportunity to consider training lessons learned and set new year’s resolutions for a new start off off. Our special column Industry Voice overs: ‘Goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ is here to provide an summary of this kind of challenging year and set novel targets for 2021 to circulate forward.

In this context, there is asked Mr. Theo Xenakoudis, Director, Worldwide Business Locations at IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry values, to make an assessment to do with 2020 from his perspective as well as share his message during the contemporary year across the global public. Among others, for the new entire year, he foresees strong growth across currently the markets and a focus about sustainable shipping practices.

I would like dispensing to continue to safely merge some or part of this new techniques, like remote reports, audits, and surveys into finally the operations of a post COVID-19 era;

SAFETY4SEA: Focusing on your site of, what were the almost all important industry development(s) within 2020?

Theo Xenakoudis: No only one could have anticipated the struggles the world has faced in the 2020, but our industry does offer done a higher job of spanning the COVID-19 challenges while getting focused on other larger bizz issues such as decarbonization, regulatory changes, and safety. The main fads this year for the maritime industry are technology related. Despite the fact just about everyone has shifted to virtual execute, many companies found innovative and newly purchased ways which you may use technology to benefit operations which could not go on and fully virtual. For the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry for example, we include used remote inspection technology to complete more than 800 quiet inspections as of 30 Nov 2020. We also launched the best online Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) Reporting Portal to issue your own Certificate of Economic Substance Reporting Compliance for an electronic apostille, while permissible regularly international apostille norm. Amendments meant to RMI legislation beginning of the on in the pandemic want enabled us to conduct internet gateway closings to register ships but also mortgages with no interruptions.

S4S: Focusing along with your area of experience, what work you think that will wind up the biggest challenge(s) for ones industry in 2021?

Th. X.: Regulatory changes, in particular those similar to decarbonization will be a new challenge the market needs to treat in 2021. The market must a professional address the crew change issues we’ve faced this year despite if we’re through the pandemic. Our company cannot allow our seafarers in which to be placed in such a susceptible position again, we need to protect it worldwide. Our global economy hinges on them and they might be recognized and respected in the form of essential workers.

S4S: What could be 2021 promises for your company/organisation?

Th. X.: Throughout our history we’ve been focused on customer number and high-quality standards. In 2021 I reckon you’ll see us go forward to implement new technologies coupled with digital processes to enhance the client experience. Technology cannot get new in-person inspections or the borrowing of information, but it is considered to be a good tool to help in addition enhance safe vessel operations and in addition global sharing of best practices.

S4S: What is their over all forecast for shipping industry near 2021 and what would individuals like to share and/or day dream and/or ask other industry stakeholders?

The. X.: We completely agree that 2020 was obviously a complex year and there are loads of challenges still ahead of with us. What we all wish available for is a bright horizon for the shipping in 2021. Maybe this christmas has been unlike any various, but We it only works in to make us stronger, accommodating, and more innovative. I guess we’ll see strong growth crossgrained the markets and a really concentrate on sustainable shipping practices.

New Year’s Resolution for our industry manufactured by Mr. Theo Xenakoudis, IRI


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