Thanks 2020, Hello 2021: Capt Yves Vandenborn, The Standard Club

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This time akin to the year is consistently a first-rate opportunity to consider lessons educated and set new year’s settlements for the new start. Our specialised column Industry Voices: ‘Goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ aims to deliver you an overview of this quite a job year and set new spots for 2021 to move power forward.

In this wording, we have asked Capt Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Elimination at The Standard Club, to allow them to make an assessment of 2020 from his perspective and percentage his message for the innovative new year across the global regional community. Among others, he wishes just that lessons learnt during this yearly will not be quickly forgotten and that experts claim ship managers will really attention more on the wellbeing pointing to their seafarers.

Shipping is and has don’t forget to been a resilient industry and moreover I am sure it is find from this difficult year

SAFETY4SEA: When you focus on your area of expertise, details were the most important industry development(s) indoors 2020?

Capt. Yves Vandenborn : In the face of the problems COVID-19 brought in this year, I am glad ltc also resulted in seafarer self-esteem and mental wellbeing in qualified, obtaining the proper attention it truly have been receiving for each long time already. As a single mariner myself, I really think for the hardship seafarers generally going through now, while continues to doing their jobs and maintaining our shelves supplied.

S4S: Focusing on your individual area of, what do clients think that will be their biggest challenge(s) for the world in 2021?

Capt. Y. V.: First of all, may well still a big backlog among seafarers to relieve. But while that is done, the partie will be to improve finally the public’s perception of the historic sector. As current issues for instance crew change problems, reduced manning levels, discrimination and criminalisation amongst seafarers have been highlighted through out the industry, online and as part of the press, how can associated with ensure that we will still have a next generation of seafarers?

S4S: Something may be the 2021 resolutions for your complete company/organisation?

Capt. Y. V.: Taking into account trends considered this year, we will you should be making a conscious effort to positively impress upon the industry the value of abiding by standard operating procedures, be it COVID-19 preventative quantities, enclosed space entry precautions as well as seafarer welfare recommendations. Through the author’s publications, educational articles and go-to guru advice we will aim within improve standards onboard and contribute best practises to like often the physical and mental wellbeing among those at sea. Only and also doing so, can we generate shipping a safer and easier work space for all.

S4S: What is your family overall forecast for shipping real estate market in 2021 and what want to share and/or wish and/or find out from other industry stakeholders?

Capt. Y. Sixth is v.: Shipping is and he has always been a resilient firm and am am sure it will most likely recover from this difficult month. What I would like if you want to wish for though is which lessons learnt during this calendar months are really heeded and actually quickly forgotten in a company’s eagerness to return to a pre-covid ‘normal’. Ship managers should really focus more on the healthiness of that seafarers.

New Year’s Resolution concerning our industry from Capt. Yves Vandenborn, The stocks Club

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