Argentine port unions reach agreement, finish line strikes

by 31, Dec, 2020Market News

Right after the disruption caused by the bites in Argentina, a coalition at Argentine longshore and oilseed market trends unions reached an agreement of end a three-week-long strike.

Specifically, the market body of Argentine agricultural exporters, Cámara via la Industria Aceitera de la República Argentina, informed that it made reached an agreement with finally, the unions any meeting brokered caused by Argentina’s Ministry of Labor.

As per the deal, those what worked during the country’s pandemic shutdown will get a special of $1, 000, a 35% increase for their 2020 in line with, a 25% salary increase with regard to 2021 and another salary upheaval in August 2021 that do take account of the consumer price index.

Finally the adjustments aims to address the type of impacts of runaway inflation on the port workers’ salaries. Inflation have skyrocketed in Argentina over any past several years, hitting 26% in 2017, 34 percent within 2018 and 37% in 2019.

The local you ought to El Cronista commented that this situation is in the beginning that the great main unions in your sector most of downed tools and negotiated as a bloc.

To be remind, the tensions and the get impacted the place’s exports , at a efforts wherein the government is trying to allow them to get Argentina not in recession.

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