Have a great day 2020, Hello 2021: Pia Meling, Massterly AS

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This time of the manufacturing year is always an efficient opportunity to help consider lessons learned and put hot year’s resolutions for a creative start. Our special column Markets Voices: ‘Goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ aims to provide an understanding of this challenging year and in addition set new targets for 2021 to move forward.

In this context, we get asked Mrs. Pia Meling, Dérèglement President, Sales & Marketing near Massterly AS – A Kongsberg Wilhelmsen joint venture, when making being an assessment of 2020 from gets results perspective and share her toss for the new year biased the global community. Among other programs, she wishes for the new year that industry will ensure lasting efficiency gains from automation and then remote services and use genuinely mean to drastically speed in decarbonization path.

The 2021 challenge will become for us as an marketplace to “build back better”

SAFETY4SEA: Directed at your area of expertise, precisely were concerning industry development(s) within the 2020?

Pia Meling: Our own Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated some sort of ongoing digitalization inside the entire ocean going value chain: ports, yards, shipowners, operators, ship managers, charterers, components suppliers, authorities, classification, and assistance companies. Even IMO has seasoned to change the way these guys work assure key environmental rassemblement and decision making is now completed digitally.

We maintain as an industry jumped rs ahead in the maturing whole process for digital and remote opportunities of working, and this usually increase the overall efficiency yet collaboration in shipping & maritime.

S4S: Aiming for your area of expertise, you are able to do you think and this can be the main biggest challenge(s) for the deal in 2021?

P. M.: Hopefully that 2021 can are spent dealing with Covid-19 and where the heroic crew members who have been stuck at ocean finally will get some stability and time with their respected before returning to decent show results conditions. The 2021 challenge is able to be for us as some sort of industry to “build back better”: ensure lasting efficiency gains totally from automation and remote services and therefore use political momentum, insight, as well as the new technology to drastically speed up up our decarbonization path.

S4S: What will be be the 2021 resolutions as for your company/organisation?

P. M.: Be the change we wish to to see!


Another Year’s Resolution for our field from Mrs. Pia Meling, Massterly

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