Kind regards 2020, Hello 2021: Jenny Braat, Danish Maritime

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This time of the several weeks is always a fine opportunity to consider lessons learned and set newest year’s resolutions for a hot start. Our special column Arena Voices: ‘Goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ aims to provide an outline of this challenging year then set new targets for 2021 to move forward.

In this context, we obtain asked Mrs. Jenny Braat, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Danish Maritime, to make some kind of assessment of 2020 from a girl perspective and share her personal message for the new year through the global community. Among certain people, she highlights there is need to more level playing fields athwartships the world, becoming more indefatigable regarding the transition from dark-colored to green shipping.

I would like all the maritime industry to stop actually being so modest. We need with regard to explain the world our signification for the globalization and the simplest way we build, repair and retrofit ships for tomorrows green transporting.

SAFETY4SEA: Implementing your area of mend, what were the most significant industry development(s) within 2020?

Jenny Braat: Looking across the whole maritime world I see a praiseworthy change in attitude when discussing about the green transition. From the maritime industry we carry been handling a green way of thinking for a long time on top of that are making ongoing technical advance. Due to expenses and competitiveness the shipping companies have begun more reluctant, but I see a suitable positive change, also supported just the new IMO-agreement and Course 2020. So whether or not we might be like a more fastmoving progress and include a lot of golf green technical solutions this can include to say into use right away, I am still happy about the communicate positive awareness of our routine responsibly this can be steps we are taking together.


S4S: Aligning on your area of training, what do you think that definitely will be the biggest challenge(s) for a industry in 2021?

J. Br: The maritime industry ended up being struck hard by the aftermath of your respective pandemic and even eventhough the vaccine aimed at coronavirus can just around the corner that problems are not always over yet. I would say the industry has lost orders, website visitors and employees, so 2021 may well be about winning a good deal in turn. Step by step the Economy is going to reopen and as a result we are more than ın a position to can get on the first airline.


S4S: What would end up being the 2021 resolutions for your whole company/organisation?

J. Br.: Such as we regain on our together with other after the crisis it’s more important than ever to prove to very clearly how important a functional sector the maritime industry is just. We are a part behind the critical infrastructure and having to do with great importance to the countrywide economies, the world trade and in addition the green transition of each global transport sector. Therefor today we have a responsibility to facilitate the politicians understand the strategic advantages of our industry and woman make positive changes about the enlargement, the climate, the environment together with generations to follow.


S4S: What is their overall forecast for this shipping industry in 2021 on top of that what would you like with share and/or wish and/or ask other industry stakeholders?

J. Br: We have a both options strong and incredibly innovative industry with shipbuilding has started to become more and much more high-tech demanding. I see the market growing in 2021, but many of us need more level playing sections across the World and also bid to be more ambitious associated the transition from black to help green shipping. The UN Maintainable, supportable, bearable Development Goals also apply so that you can us and even though plenty positive things are happening with regard to the business excellent artwork i just work great deal more closely together to mount a significant alter for both the climate combined with the environment. That’s the way at take pride in the things we do.


New Year’s Resolution on our industry from Mrs. Jenny Braat, Danish Maritime

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