Good-bye 2020, Hello 2021: George Teriakidis, DNV GL

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This time of the while is always a fine opportunity if you want to consider lessons learned make very new year’s resolutions for a upcoming start. Our special column Deal Voices: ‘Goodbye 2020, hello 2021’ aims to provide an overview of this challenging year to set new targets for 2021 to move forward.

In this context, we make asked Mr. George Teriakidis, DNV GL Area Manager East Efter & Black Sea, to help make an assessment of 2020 right from his perspective and promote his update for the new year through the global community. Among others, or even highlights how the pandemic is accelerated our path towards digitalization with remote surveys showing very good increase during the last months or more.


SAFETY4SEA: Focusing on those area of expertise, what were ones most important industry development(s) at 2020?

George Teriakidis: Staring at classification, the major real estate market development of the year has nearly managing business continuity for all of our customers during the crisis. The foregoing accelerated the digitalization of shipment and the use of upcoming technologies. DNV GL has yet been well-prepared on this front. Anyone of our key areas appeared to be making sure that wherever to get, surveys could are still being delivered , even when a surveyor was able to not attend the vessel. The particular pandemic DNV GL has enjoyed our remote survey scheme within the globally available 24/7 SWEETHEART (Direct Using the Technical Experts) services. Remote survey requests have ramped up significantly, with half associated with all vessels now having used the service and the assortment remote surveys increasing 33%, to over 300 a week. DNV GL also worked to provide part and material certification (CMC) tech services remotely where needed during ones pandemic.

S4S: Focusing on your area of expertise, what do you think just that will be the biggest challenge(s) for the industry in 2021?

You have g. T.: Even reality shipping coped quite well in the COVID crisis – i still have a way in order to go to recover fully. Via the other hand, the profond challenge for the industry aid decarbonization – will continue in which to be a big topic. Unquestionably the IMO decarbonization targets means that may reducing GHG emissions is changing to the defining decision-making factor to produce the future of the distribution industry. And in this common phase, many potential options would be emerging alongside conventional fuels. Loans in the impacts of provision, prices and policy, on totally different fuels, makes the choice additional complex. At DNV GL, we live working to support our fans on these critical decisions on offering shipowners clear insights with how to meet the tensions and opportunities ahead.


S4S: What would be the 2021 resolutions to get a company/organisation?

G. T.: DNV GL will move forward , to support customers and most of the whole maritime industry towards uninterrupted and environmentally friendly operations. Much of our customer-centred strategies, along with web based tools and R& D yet Advisory initiatives will be a key-enablers. Just to mention a suitable few: Insights – dashboards meant for our customers to benchmark distinct class, PSC and emission anxiety about, DATE services like Remote Surveys, platforms like MMC (Machinery Entourage Connect), together with our fully commited experts, will continue to convincingly play a key part.


S4S: What is your overall prediction for shipping industry in 2021 and what would you adore to share and/or wish and/or ask other industry stakeholders?

G. H.: After the sizable crisis that accompanied the outbreak, the new year is counted upon to be another special the for all industries, having collected information of new ways of doing the job. I and wish that, 2021 coupled with years to come, will most certainly find the whole maritime commerce united towards our common elements and targets, promoting safety as well environmentally friendly operations.


New Year’s Resolution for many of our industry from Mr. George Teriakidis, DNVGL


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