The more time for BWMS installation, the more space and costs are saved, report says

by 18, Dec, 2020Market News

According to the report, the first criterion for choosing a Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) is the compliance with the environmental regulations.

The second criterion is the equipment’s installation cost , as well as its maintance.

As explained, once purchased, the equipment must be installed onboard the vessel.

Namely, the best method of installation is to prepare the space for the equipment in advance, at the design stage of the ship.

Although, since the BWMS is required to be installed by 2024, it is inevitable to install the existing ships, as the report noted.

Therefore, the simpler installation is, the more time, space and costs are saved.

What is more, the system’s maintenance is a vital factor when it comes to costs.

In fact, the durability of the equipment is consumed as soon as the equipment is operated, while the maintenance can boost the durability last for much longer.

As the lifetime of a ship in on average 30 years, the lower operating cost and maintenance cost of the equipment, the better.

As the white paper stated, although equipment’s purchasing and installation cost is relatively high, if the operating and maintenance cost are low in a long-term perspective, its efficiency is equivalent to purchasing cheaper systems.

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