Joint Industry Partnership to develop 3D Printed Parts

by 9, Dec, 2020Innovation

Namely through their Joint Industry Partnership (JIP), collaborators aim to enhance additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing has a significant role to play in the future of the marine and offshore industries and projects such as this, bringing together the experience of industry leaders, will play a huge role in realizing its potential.

….said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology.

Under their agreement, and 3D Metalforge will develop valve and pump parts for use onboard a PACC Offshore Services Holdings (POSH) Offshore Support Vessel.

At the same time, ABS from its side, will boost a certification process that is scalable to streamline AM material approval for safe use.

What is more, the initiative is one of 11 in the areas of maritime digitalization and additive manufacturing for ship and marine parts awarded a total of S$1.625 million by the MPA.

We look forward to testing these machinery parts and technology aboard our vessels, which could in time help our industry deliver more efficient and bespoke solutions for stakeholders.

…said Danny Chong, General Manager, Centres of Excellence, POSH.

According to the partners, additive manufacturing has a huge amount to offer the maritime sector in terms of faster, cheaper and higher performing spare parts.

December 2020