Israeli products imported from Israel into the UAE are now permitted

by 19, Nov, 2020Innovation

Specifically, the circular advises that Israeli products or any goods imported from Israel into the UAE are now permitted through the country’s ports of entry.

Accordingly, UAE products or any goods exported from UAE shall be permitted into Israel’s ports of entry.

What is more, without prejudice to the provisions of the GCC Common Customs Law and the GCC Unified Guide for Customs Procedures at First Points of Entry, the following customs measures and controls shall apply at import, export and transit of goods and commodities from and to Israel:

  • The terms herein are applicable to all customs offices and air, sea and land ports of entry including post and courier offices.
  • Goods of Israeli origin as well as goods of foreign origin imported from Israel shall be allowed entry into the UAE.
  • UAE products shall be allowed for export to Israel either directly or indirectly. As well good and products of foreign origin shall be permitted for export and re-export to Israel.
  • All customs cases shall be permitted under trade movement between the UAE and Israel in accordance with the provisions of the Common Customs Law and the Unified Procedures Guide.
  • The provisions of prohibition and restriction and the mechanism for the movement of goods of special nature under the GCC Customs Union shall be observed for goods of Israeli or foreign origin emanating from Israel.

November 2020