Marine energy goes on global recruiting spree

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Several companies and organizations working in the marine energy sector have posted vacancies for qualified personnel who can help drive this emerging renewable energy industry forward.

Blue X wave energy device fabrication (Courtesy of Mocean Energy)

In these unfortunate Covid-19 times, when many businesses face uncertain future and attaining a secure job becoming an ever-harder endeavour, there are some encouraging examples of activities moving in a positive direction.

Namely, various companies and organizations throughout Europe and Americas are currently recruiting for new team members across multiple fields – all related to the development of marine energy sector.

Europe – Mocean Energy, and GKinetic

A Scottish based start-up Mocean Energy, which is currently working hard on the fabrication of its half-scale wave energy device dubbed the Blue X, has posted two openings for the roles of Commercial Manager, and Assistant Project Manager.

The Commercial Manager for Mocean Energy will be tasked with helping the company reach near-term commercial milestones and driving its long-term strategy. The successful candidate will be responsible for commercialisation of wave-energy products with a particular near-term focus on developing opportunities with customers, and securing license agreements with partners in the oil and gas industry.

Also, Mocean Energy is seeking an entry-level Project Manager with a technical background to assist the company’s current project managers on complex projects, including the Wave Energy Scotland NWEC3 project, and to lead some new less-complex projects.

An Ireland-based provider of hydrokinetic solutions GKinetic Energy, with full-scale devices already tested and deployed in Ireland, France and Scotland, is looking for a Lead Engineer to join its team as the company enters the next phase of commercial pilot projects and deployments.

The Lead Engineer will be required to develop technical proposals for pilot projects with the support of the CEO, COO and Electrical Engineer. The post will work directly with the CEO and will lead all technical and engineering work.

Americas – ORPC, and FORCE

The US-based Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), developing both hydrokinetic tidal and river technology and projects, is seeking a candidate with expertise in electrical engineering to work on cutting edge design of hydrokinetic power systems.

The Electrical Engineer will primarily be focused on the design of the electrical and control systems for ORPC’s hydrokinetic devices and their connection to electrical grids.

The work will comprise developing
specifications for electrical generation machinery, power electronic drives,
electrical transmission components, as well as analysing the electrical
performance of complete systems.

To remind, the company has recently marked a record with its RivGen device which became the longest operating current energy converter in the United States.

North of the United States, the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) in Canada’s province of Nova Scotia, is looking to appoint a new Board Director.

FORCE is Canada’s lead research facility for tidal stream technology, created to better understand if this technology can play a safe, effective role in the country’s energy future.

A new Board Director is expected to support this mission with their strong leadership experience and a track record of excellence in their field.

The successful candidate may have knowledge of renewable energy development or experience in ocean industry, but above all they consider themselves a champion for sustainable development and environmental management, and are interested in making a meaningful contribution to Nova Scotia’s clean energy future, FORCE noted.

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