Major ports to establish single shore-based power system

by 16, Oct, 2020Innovation

Through their collaboration, participants goal to set up a single shore-based power system for inland shipping and the river cruise industry.

In fact, this will contribute to the user-friendliness of this facility, which is used to provide moored vessels with electric power.

On behalf of all these shore-based power parties, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has published a European call for bids, which will ultimately lead to the selection of a contractor for these services.

The tender is in line with the partners’ policy to pursue a balanced development of the various port areas in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What is more, the key focus of the project is sustainability. Another point that is high on the joint agenda is reducing the volumes of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates released into the atmosphere

For this reason, the partners have performed extensive research into the utilisation of shore-based power for a range of different vessel types and locations. Shore-based power allows captains to freely use their on-board facilities without having to resort to polluting sources of power like a diesel generator or the ship’s main engine.

…as Port of Rotterdam noted.

These common objectives have led to a joint approach geared towards supporting the development of shore-based power and making this facility as user-friendly and reliable as possible.

Concluding, this approach primarily focuses on the provision of services in the context of on-board disruptions, as well as invoicing for power supplied via the shore-based power units.

October 2020