Brazil updates berthing and mooring rules

by 25, Sep, 2020Regulation

Namely, the resolution 150/2020 sets line-up rules, establishing berthing preferences among war, cruise, service, and cargo vessels calling the port of Santos.

According to Santos Port Authority:

  • Vessels older than 18 years (built before 2002) may be submitted to Port State Control inspections and will have to delivery P&I certificate and confirmation of wreck removal cover.
  • Vessels older than 30 years (built before 1990) will not be accepted, unless confirmed by documents that has undergone retrofitting process.

The mooring arrangement is suggested by the port authority, aiming to achieve the best procedures for the stay at the port, but the responsibility for the safety of the ship belongs to the Master, who may adopt alternative mooring scheme, always in compliance to the Brazilian Maritime Authority normative, NORMAN 13.

What is more, agents and terminals should encourage the master to attend permanent inspections of the mooring lines. Breaking of lines must be reported to the port authority in maximum 6 hours after the incident.

According to the new regulations, all vessels must keep AIS and VHF systems operating from the arrival at anchorage until sailing from the port, including the period of berthing.

Concluding, vessels operating bulk liquid cargo are instructed to keep both VHF and AIS systems operating at low transmission power, bellow 1 watt.

September 2020